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At NI Coffee Maps, we are passionate about the speciality coffee community in Northern Ireland. At the core of our business is our love of coffee and our love for NI. We recognise how rapidly and successfully the speciality coffee sector has flourished here in recent years, and we believe without doubt that it rivals that of any other successful European destination. Our mission is to help to promote that locally and globally.


Through paper publications we map out some of the best independent speciality coffee establishments across our shores, offering coffee lovers a curated guide to where they can find the best coffee our country has to offer, from city hot spots to beach side hideaways.

The Team

Meet Gareth, the man behind the map.

"With a love of coffee and a love for the city I call home, I launched Belfast Coffee Map in 2017, a paper publication promoting some of the best speciality coffee shops in our capital. Since then, and as the third wave coffee scene flourishes in Northern Ireland, we have worked to promote the coffee scene beyond Belfast. This summer we are excited to launch the first Causeway Coast Coffee Map, highlighting the thriving coffee community along our coastline!"

Meet Emma, the techie one.

"As a software developer, I bring a more technological mindset to the team. I love my wee country, I love a sneaky flat white and I love web design, so for me this is the dream combo. I have always admired Gareth for stepping out and doing something he is passionate about. He has created something very successful and something we can all appreciate and love. I am proud to have my name behind this company and I'm excited to see where we can go from here, together."

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